Digital Puppets

Digital puppets Animation Studios Pvt.Ltd is a creative and independent 3D animation production company located at the prime location of Hyderabad city popularly known as Hi-tech city which is located at Madhapur, Hyderabad.

Established in 2015, Digital puppets Animation Studios Pvt.Ltd is registered under companies’ act 2013 which is administered by the Central Government through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Office of Registrar of Companies of the Indian Government.

Digital puppets Animation Studios Pvt. Ltd. is founded by a team of veteran industry professionals with hands-on experience in the CG & VFX pipeline and Production management. With a desire to bring all the talent at one place to build a creative pool to co-create the artist driven company they started with a group of very passionate, successful & Committed senior team who has having proven track record, and were joined their hands to work together to make it successful artist driven Animation studio.