Yavanmandi Ramakrishnam Raju (born January 16th 1985), is a luminary personality in the Indian animation and film making industry. He is an entrepreneur and has more than 200 employees working for him, with a vision of providing superior animation to the world.

Having over a decade of experience in the animation industry, he had an opportunity to work with Indian stalwarts, entrepreneurs and Hollywood stars. With his vision and a great appetite for providing world class animation, technically far ahead of the current standards made him one of the prominent personalities in this field.

After his education, he has developed a grave interest and passion towards animation, and as an animation guru, he trained many animation aspirants, who later went on to work for many international projects.

As an entrepreneur, YRK Raju hasendeavored many startup companies and founded, animation companies like Creador World Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Digital puppets and YOUI Entertainment Pvt Ltd to venture into all facets of animation and film industry. YRK Raju is associated with Vega entertainments, a production company which closely works with Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood movie industries.

As an Animation guru, YRK Raju has handled and delivered many international 3D animation projects like Swan Princess, Norm of the North, Whisper, Blinky Bill and many more.

As a visionary he is, YRK Raju has endeavored an international 3D animation movie with 4K resolution, in which Hollywood stars like Richard Lawson (stepfather of Beyonce), Shane Johnson and keili lefkovitz and many more are involved to bring this magnanimous project to live.

This is just the beginning, as he has ventured and producing an international animated TV series “5 Little Spuds”, with cute characters, where 104 episodes are under production, just to share the fun and entertainment to the international audience. And many more channels like merchandising are being opened the global audience.

Creador World Entertainment Pvt Ltd has been a one stop solution for all the animation needs by providing services like Editing, cinematography, advertising and branding for MNC’s and domestic market as well. It has developed numerous on-line comic books, and more than 5000 animated videos, which are available on-line on various platforms and websites like Youtube.com (channels like Simple Rhymes and Creador 3D nursery rhymes), with more than 50 million views and millions of viewers watching daily. Exclusive DVD’s designed for children on both education and entertainment have been marketed across nations. Creador World has worked for 3D international animation projects like Swan Princess, Blinky Bill, Whisper and Norm of the North, and domestic projects like Chacha Bhatija, Motu Aur Patlu, and Chota Bheem.


With a keen eye for technology and talent, he has developed Digital Puppets Pvt Ltd into a next generation animation hub. Digital puppets aimed to support and provide animation services to major international projects, Hollywood movies and series. This company has already created comprehensive standards by churning creativity and quality to become one of the best animation and multimedia studios in Asia.


YOUI entertainment Pvt Ltd has been envisioned by YRK Raju, as a movie producing company. It’s the first Indian company to reach international standards, which is currently producing a Hollywood 3D animation movie, associated with Hollywood studio and technicians, completely developed by indigenous animators. This has created a massive employment opportunity in the animation industry, as YOUI entertainment is also venturing into several animation movie projects. YOUI entertainments has raised the bar of Indian animation movie standards, and the quality can be unmatched by any counterpartin the Indian animation Industry. YOUI entertainments is for sure, going to make a huge impact in the international market and make its presence feel by every nook and corner of the world.

As a visionary he is, with his endless pursuit, relentless diligence, and acute judgment, he has created a world of animation to full fill his dream and given hundreds of employees the hope and served millions of people with entertainment in a constant quest for excellence.

YRK Raju, is delighted to create thrilling and exciting Hollywood 3D animation movie, which is coming in the near future.